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Executive Coaching

Would you engage an executive coach just to maintain the status quo?

Probably not!

Executive coaching is all about – CHANGE.

Once you strip away all the hype and exaggerated claims, executive coaching should focus on this fundamental question:

“What are the one or two behaviors you can change that will enhance your leadership effectiveness and improve your business performance, as seen by others?”


It’s that simple!

A successful executive coaching engagement is based on whether others see and experience your change in behavior on a sustained basis.

Looking for a definition of executive coaching?

Here’s one to consider:

“Executive coaching is a results driven and future oriented process focused on change. It is a dynamic interpersonal relationship that is founded on trust... openness... mutual respect... confidentiality… and personal accountability.”

A good executive coach will challenge you… confront you… inspire you. 

A great executive coach will take you out of your “comfort zone” and help you discover how to achieve greater business and personal success.