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Executive Coaching - Our Philosophy

Even great leaders can improve their performance.

Sometimes all it takes is making small changes in behavior.

Small changes in behavior — and leading with humility… empathy… civility… and kindness — can transform good leaders into GREAT leaders.


At The Journey: Legacy and Leadership Coaching, we believe that...

Change begins with Desire

  • A real desire to change what you are doing and to do something different.

Change requires Courage

  • The courage to honestly look within yourself – the courage to try something different – and the courage to accept personal responsibility for your life.

Change is Action

  • Actions produce results. What you say you will do is not nearly as important as what you do.


Sometimes all it takes is to stop doing the small things that get in the way of your success.

We all have “blind spots” – those seemingly insignificant behavioral quirks that we don’t know about ourselves that can wreck a career. 

We help successful leaders to identify and fill in their "emotional pot-holes" and smooth out their behavioral ‘speed-bumps’ that prevent them from attaining greatness.

Ultimately, we help successful leaders to make small changes in their behavior... and to awaken greatness in how they lead.