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Executive Coaching - Testimonials


"Ed Gardner, has been my coach for two years. He has coached me through my migration away from an Internet design executive into my new role as founder of a small business. During the two years Ed provided me with the tools, knowledge and resources to guide me through this transition. Ed brings a wealth of coaching tools, professional expertise and a benific presence to the coaching experience. Ed has enabled me to achieve a great deal in a short period of time, smoothing the path to my own reinvention. Thank you Ed, you are the best coach a person could have."

-- Founder/Owner, Small Business


"Working with Ed was, indeed, a journey into my psyche, my personal motivations, and my ambitions. Together, we identified personal strengths that I should continue to capitalize on in pursuit of my goals as well as potential blind spots that could limit my growth and advancement.  We then set upon working on the blind spots.  As a result of our work together, I am much more self-aware and cognizant of the affect I have on those I work with, and I am much better equipped and prepared for the next step in my career. In Ed, I have an objective supporter, a confidante, a coach, and a friend, and I expect I'll continue to rely on him for his impartial advice and straight talk for years.

The journey with Ed is about self-awareness and identifying, understanding, and addressing one's blind spots or career limiters, but the journey isn't just about the job. Ed provided a healthy reminder of the critical role my closest personal relationships play in my ability to succeed in every aspect of my life."

-- Senior Director, Regional Sales
Software Applications


"I cannot say enough good things about Ed Gardner, his coaching philosophies and the time he spent with me as my executive coach.  His methodologies, stories, insights and guidance significantly helped me, my outlook on life (both personal and professional) and my team. The time and effort Ed spent on building a trusting relationship with me was certainly one of the keys to success. After one or two sessions with Ed, it was clear to me his experience, un-assuming approach to coaching and terrific stories was going to work well for me and be of significant help to me seeing my "blind-spots", improving my skills and becoming a better leader.  Thank you Ed Gardner!!!"

-- Senior Director, Pre-Sales Consulting
Business Software Applications


"With Ed I was fortunate to have an executive coach that met my specific needs of addressing my individual personal and professional goals. He is a great listener who then translates into short and long term actionable plans towards attainment of the goals. Ed is incredibly organized and follows-through promptly as well."

-- Vice President, Global Education Services
Software Applications


"I would wholeheartedly recommend Ed Gardner as an executive coach. By getting a broad based view of my development needs from both my perceptions and the perceptions of those around me, we were able to put in place a plan with specific actions and desired results that we worked to on a weekly basis. This, combined with Ed's deep experience and extremely personable, yet very direct style, enabled me to comfortably discuss all aspects of my career development and the inevitable combination of both personal and professional issues that impact that development. In the time we worked together, I received a significant promotion from previously leading a regional team to now leading a national team, and I firmly believe that working with Ed enabled me to improve some of the capabilities that resulted in this promotion.

-- Vice President, Business Consulting
Software Applications