Why is leading with HECK so important?

“It’s not personal, it’s just business.” What a bunch of horse hooey! Yet, how many leaders and companies continue to use this self-serving rationalization to justify their actions? Business is personal.  Business is all about relationships. Not convinced?  Ask your employees, your customers, or your suppliers/vendors if relationships don’t matter. Leading with HECK or Humility… [...]

What is the ROI for leading with HECK?

Imagine you’re driving down the highway. Sitting next to you on the passenger seat is a bundle of money.  Say about 100 grand. All of a sudden, you toss this bundle of money out of your car window! Are you crazy?  Probably. Have you littered?  Most definitely! Every time a talented person voluntarily leaves your [...]

What does “leading with humility” mean?

Humility. Standing by itself, the word radiates “quiet confidence”. It exudes strength. Humility is self-confidence without arrogance.  Humility is modesty and restraint without the destructive effects of out-sized hubris.  Humility is courage.  It is the willingness to admit mistakes and seek out guidance.  Humility is self-respect without excessive self-promotion.  Humility is the triumph of competence [...]