Change Sucks

Change sucks!

Change is hard. Change is demanding. Real change takes time.

All of us possess the capability for change, yet very few of us eagerly welcome change with open arms.

Why? Why is change so scary… so difficult?

Maybe it’s the twin scourges of inertia and fear. Maybe we find the status quo so comfortable that we resist change. Maybe we just don’t know how to change.

While the reasons behind our avoidance of change are many, there is no shortage of “expert” advice on change.

Take a leisurely stroll through any virtual or brick and mortar bookstore and you will discover hundreds of books on change. Search the Internet and you will find thousands of articles on change.

While change gurus abound, you can be assured that there is no one… single… absolutely foolproof way or system for change.

So, if you will permit me, here are some possible suggestions for change. These tips are culled from a variety of respected and proven change methodologies.

  • Start with Desire

Change is impossible without desire. You simply can’t change anything without desire or commitment. The first step to changing your behavior is wanting to change your behavior. No desire… no passion… no commitment… NO Change!

  • Think Small

All too often, people fail at changing their behavior or accomplishing their goals because they set goals that are so big… so overwhelming… they become discouraged at the lack of progress or they just quit. Break your goals into smaller pieces… take small steps, rather than large ungainly strides. Reward yourself for each small win.

  • Give Substance to Your New Behavior

Write down exactly what you would like your new behavior to be. Be SPECIFIC. Make it measurable. Example: I will wake up 5 minutes earlier each day for the next two weeks. Or, I will begin every 1:1 meeting for the next week with an “open-ended” question.

  • Practice… Practice… and more, Practice

Forget about the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Perfect practice makes perfect. To make change meaningful, you must push yourself to repeat it consistently… and correctly. Be honest with yourself… critique your efforts and work to improve every day.

  • Bounce Back and Fix It

Change is seldom linear. Sometimes it’s one step forward…  and two steps backward. Don’t let a temporary setback turn into an excuse to quit. Stick with it. Avoid beating yourself up if you slip up. Pick yourself up and keep trying.

  • Find a “Change Buddy”

Enlist the help of a friend or group for encouragement and support. Return the favor… mutual support is critical to keeping you and your “buddy” in the ‘change game.’

  • Speed Up Your Change through Mental Imagery

The change you desire will happen faster if you take the extra time to “visualize” yourself doing this behavior correctly. Picture the outcome you want… and adjust your behavior.

  • Be The Change You Want To Be

Make your behavioral change into a character trait that defines who you are and what you value. Example – “I am a world-class leader. I listenI care about people and I get results.”

One thing is certain – everything changes.

You can either run toward change or you can run away from it. You can either sit on the sidelines and deny the inevitability of change or you can embrace it.

It’s your choice.

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