“Be Kind…” – President George H. W. Bush

Kindness is NOT a word generally associated with great leaders. Ask a randomly selected group of people to articulate the top 10 character traits of great leaders and you’ll probably hear words like integrity… strong… visionary… courageous… resilient… authentic… and results-driven. To be sure, these are all important qualities of great leadership.  While compassion might [...]

I’m Sorry

“Love Story” (1970) was a good movie. It gave us a young Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw. It was a sentimental ‘date movie’… with lots of tears at the end. It also gave us one of the most insipid and ridiculous move lines of all time – “love means never having to say you’re sorry”. Frankly, [...]

I’m All Ears

Listening is a gift. When leaders really listen, they give the gift of: Respect Attention Affirmation Thoughtfulness Compassion Kindness Listening – “real” listening – is the foundation for leading with Humility… Empathy… Civility… and Kindness. Great leaders are great listeners. Great leaders listen with their: Ears – they listen to more than just the words.  [...]

Some Things Never Change

Some things never go out of style. Romantic sunsets… ice cream on a warm summer evening… the hug from a small child or a loved one… the cold nose of beloved pet.  Bow ties… well, maybe not bow ties. Some things never seem to age or lose their special significance over time. Dale Carnegie’s How [...]

What does “leading with humility” mean?

Humility. Standing by itself, the word radiates “quiet confidence”. It exudes strength. Humility is self-confidence without arrogance.  Humility is modesty and restraint without the destructive effects of out-sized hubris.  Humility is courage.  It is the willingness to admit mistakes and seek out guidance.  Humility is self-respect without excessive self-promotion.  Humility is the triumph of competence [...]