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Workshops - Planning for Change

You’ve heard it before – "Change or perish."  Change is everywhere.  Life is not static – change occurs whether we want it to or not.

How can you keep up with this relentless change?  How can you learn to adapt to the unexpected challenges embedded in the very fabric of our lives?  Are you "stuck" in one of the "eddies of life?"  Have a plan... but not quite sure how to implement changes in your life's direction?

The Planning for Change Workshop is a half-day program that offers a unique template and set of tools to help you understand and work effectively within the powerful currents of change.  Workshop participants learn to use change as an opportunity to renew life purpose, passion, and balance.

Using the "Cycle of Renewal," pioneered by Dr. Frederic Hudson and Dr. Pamela McLean of the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, participants will explore their current position in the change cycle and learn new skill sets for managing life changes and transitions.

Ideal for individuals and teams wanting to increase performance in this turbulent era of change, the Planning for Change Workshop will help participants to:

  • Create a renewed sense of purpose in their personal and professional lives
  • Connect their core beliefs to a more balanced work and personal life
  • Link their personal/professional goals to new opportunities and resources
  • Write a future action plan with specific outcomes and dates to ensure success


Ed Gardner is certified by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara as a Planning for Change Workshop facilitator.