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Workshops - Performance and Preference: Enhancing Team Effectiveness

Teams are messy.  Bringing together a group of people, with different personalities and personal agendas, to work on a task can be a recipe for potential disaster.  And yet, teams may be the most effective means of accomplishing a goal.

Successful teams learn to maximize the strengths of individual team members and leverage the diversity of personality types or preferences.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), the Performance and Preference Workshop offers a framework for exploring the remarkable personality differences each team member contributes to a team.

In either a half-day or full day program, the Performance and Preference Workshop uses the MBTI® tool to improve team success by:

  • Fostering greater individual self-awareness
  • Providing a common language for discussing personality differences
  • Enhancing communications within the team
  • Learning to manage conflict caused by multiple personal agendas
  • Increasing productivity by aligning MBTI® preferences with team goals


The Performance and Preference Workshop can be used to address six core areas that impact teams:

  • Communication
  • Team Culture
  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Decision Making/Conflict Resolution
  • Stress


Individual MBTI® survey results, along with a specialized MBTI® "Team Profile", will be provided to all workshop participants.