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Each of the following workshops can be tailored to specific organizational or individual needs:

Team Performance and Preference

Teams are messy. Bringing together a group of people, with different personalities and personal agendas, to work on a task can be a recipe for potential disaster.  And yet, teams may be the most effective means of accomplishing a goal. Learn more...


Emotional Intelligence: The Leading Edge

Smart people make the best leaders.  Well, sometimes! General intelligence is certainly a factor in developing successful leaders.  However, a growing body of research suggests that Emotional Intelligence (EI) may be more important to overall leadership effectiveness and success. Learn more...


Planning for Change

You’ve heard it before — "Change or perish." Change is everywhere. Life is not static – change occurs whether we want it to or not. How can you keep up with this relentless change? How can you learn to adapt to the unexpected challenges embedded in the very fabric of our lives? Are you "stuck" in one of the "eddies of life?" Have a plan... but not quite sure how to implement changes in your life's direction? Learn more...


If you want more information about any of these workshop programs or if you would like to schedule a workshop for your organization, please contact us.